December can be difficult time. I know there are many families that know this feeling for one reason or another. This year our oldest was deployed overseas. So this will be the first Christmas that we haven't celebrated together. We are so proud of him and all he has accomplished. We just miss him. Celebrating last month with only the four of us in the house, was different. Picking out and cutting down the tree, will be different. Christmas will be different. Nothing really prepares a parent for that day when your child grows up. With that, I'm taking most of December off to celebrate Christmas with my husband and our other two children, well if you can still call them children they are 17 & 18. I am going to enjoy every moment. You will still see posts from me on my social media sites, I will be spending a few days scheduling posts, and setting up things for the new year. I just wont be returning calls, or emails from December 19th-January 2nd.

Enjoy every moment you have with your family this Holiday Season! Take pictures, print them too. Looking forward to seeing you in 2023!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!