October is my favorite month!

You might be asking, why is October your favorite month Olivia? Well let me just say I love all things about Halloween! I love the creepy movies, the classic children movies, I love carving pumpkins, getting dressed up, and trick or treating! It just brings out my inner child and I love it!!!! I have dressed up in some way for Halloween my entire 40+ years of life. Yes 12 years in a row I have been a witch, but I still dress up for the day. This year is extra special. I am sponsoring my husband for his 1st ever Halloween Walk. If you live in Sturbridge, you will know of the town Christmas decoration contest. My husband has won the last 2 years for his Vintage Christmas collection and a few Christmas inflatables under the Go Big Or Go Home category. Well he has a small amount of Halloween decorations and inflatables, compared to the Christmas display, and has entered into the first ever Halloween contest in Sturbridge. So not only do we have that going on, we also have my annual toy drive for Burgess Elementary on the same dates. You can sign up for the Halloween Minis by clicking here. There are a few spots left, not many. I will also do walk-ins for the Halloween sessions during the contest.

Last year we collected so many toys and clothing items for Burgess, it almost didn't fit in our car! The photos below show only some of what we collected and dropped off at Burgess.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone October 28th-31st!!!