Good Bye 2020, Hello 2021!!!

I'm glad 2020 is gone. I didn't have too bad of a year. Started off the year great, then the pandemic happened and I couldn't do photo sessions for a few months. So I shot some creative photo sessions with my daughter, which I will talk about in a few minutes. After a few months I was able to have location sessions. This reminded me how much I love the outdoors, when the weather is right. One second it was April and then a blink of an eye it was Christmas! As some of you know my husband won first place in the Light Up Sturbridge Christmas light contest, in the category "go big or go home". So he is now already talking about how he will decorate for 2021, so we hope to see everyone next year.

Jumping back to the creative photo sessions. I now offer Colorful Dance/Gymnastic portraits. Due to the mess it creates, I shoot these outdoors or inside my open double garage. The few Colorful sessions I had before winter told me it was messy, but fun, and they loved their images. The Session is $300 for the hour long session and it comes with 8 digital images and one 16x20 print. These sessions are held outdoors or inside an open double garage. I use flour for these sessions, so if there is an allergy please let me know. I can change it to either a different flour or gym chalk. If using gym chalk the cost difference will be added to your session fee.

During the early part of the pandemic, I was a little board. So I created a dress out magazines, well if you ask my daughter I didn't create the dress. I sewed magazine pages onto a dress she had, but I can recreate this type of session for you if you are looking for it. I got the idea from the song "I Love Me" by Demi Lovato. The lyrics that inspired the shoot are:

"flipping through all of these magazines,

telling me who I'm supposed to be.

Way to good at camouflage.

Can't see what I am , I just see what I'm not."

If you are interested in this session, the session price is $399. I just need to know the dress size of the person being photographed, and it takes about 2-3 weeks to make the dress. The session includes 8 digital images, one 16x20 print, and you get to keep the dress. My daughter has hers hanging on the wall right now. I also have another styled shoot coming up with my daughter soon as it gets a little warmer out that you don't want to miss.

Happy New Year everyone! 2021