Slowly making changes...

Hello everyone! I hope you are enjoying your summer so far. I know it feels like it has only just started, but school starts again in less than a month.

I have been taking the summer to start some of my changes that will be in full starting 2023. One change is I will not be offering the Grow With Me Program anymore. The last newborn for the program will need to have their 1st session in December 2022. I am doing this because of the way I will be booking my sessions starting 2023. Those who have booked the grow with me this year, we will finish out your sessions like planned.

So now you are wondering how I will be booking my sessions. I will be selecting dates each month where the day is entirely one type of session. One day I will only be photographing 1st birthday sessions, another day will be 15 minute minis of milestones (tummy time, sitting up). If you go to my booking page you will see that I have started with the 1st birthday sessions, Senior Portrait sessions, and a few fall family dates. This is going to help me figure out my new booking structure more. I'll talk more about booking in another blog post.

For now let's talk about Senior Portraits and Back to School Petite Sessions. I have set aside a few dates and places for Senior Portraits. If you would like another date and/or place, just book a custom location session and we can do that for you. For those who hate to be in front of a camera, I will be offering a Petite Senior Portrait session. I will be posting about that on my social media soon.

Back To School Petite Sessions will be August 18th and 20th. I love these Petite sessions because I get to use my vintage school desk and work with some amazing families!

I'm looking forward to capturing your portraits soon!